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Ariana Grande's tattoo now says Japanese BBQ finger

01 February 2019, 01:46 | Ivan Casey

Ariana Grande Tries Fixing "7 Rings" Tattoo, But It Now Reads: "Japanese BBQ Finger"

Ariana Grande’s “Small Charcoal Grill” Tattoo Now Means “Japanese BBQ Finger”

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old singer posted a photo of her newest tattoo, which was meant to spell out the name of her hit single "7 Rings", but as Twitter users pointed out, "七輪" actually translates in Japanese to a small charcoal grill.

"Ariana Grande's new tattoo "七輪" means Japanese style bbq grill, not 7 rings", one person tweeted. Thus Grande's "輪♡七指" tattoo technically now translates to "Japanese BBQ finger ♡".

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Grande took to Instagram to show off the correction. And in all honesty, let's hope the lidocaine shots her doctor provided her in relief come handy when Twitter latches onto the situation for a second - quite frankly, there's plenty of reason to believe Twitter isn't halfway done with the remnants of Yesterday's roasting.

"Indeed, I left out "つの指" which should have gone in between", Grande wrote, using an expletive to indicate that the process was painful. It hurt like f- n still looks tight. But apparently, what she really got was "small charcoal grill".

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Despite her casual reaction to a very permanent error, Grande seems to have added more Japanese characters to her palm. I wouldn't have lasted one more symbol lmao. However, lots of fans noticed that the tattoo was missing a symbol and actually translated to "shichirin", a word for a BBQ grill.

Some were ironically sympathetic: "Met with all the Asians, and our official ruling is that the Ariana Grande tattoo is good", wrote Twitter user Kevin Nguyen. "I actually really liked u".

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Not so. Once again, Japanese fans and folks with even a passing interest in the language have pointed out a problem: because of how the new kanji is separated from the others, the tattoo is gibberish if read from right-to-left, top-to-bottom.

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