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National Basketball Association one-and-done draft rule years away from being changed

26 April 2018, 09:38 | Tracey Rhodes

Davis The Commission on College Basketball has some good ideas. Bold? Not so much

Davis The Commission on College Basketball has some good ideas. Bold? Not so much

Condoleezza Rice and the commission she led released a 53-page report Wednesday morning calling for reforms to separate pro and college tracks, permit players to return to school after going undrafted by the National Basketball Association and ban cheating coaches for life.

Laughably, there are also calls for the NCAA to take over youth basketball and run its own teams and tournaments for those aspiring to play in college.

Given the conflicting priorities of those stakeholders, not to mention the money at stake, the prospects are uncertain.

So, we will continue to use Schofield as an example, let's say he had an agent and still did not get drafted; he could come back to Tennessee and would lose his eligibility for the National Basketball Association that year. Nimitz decides to do it his way, sending his fleet to Midway to confront an approaching Japanese task force in what would prove to be one of the most decisive battles of World War II. "The problem, the issue, and ultimately the fault was always that of someone else".

At Richmond, vice president and director of athletics John Hardt said he believes "a lot of us long-time NCAA veterans" look at the report as a necessary step.

As essential: It is time for them, in concert, to act.

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The judge had also confided to his family that he would rather retire or take a transfer than to take the bribe. The BJP on Thursday said that the public interest litigation (PIL) filed over the death of Judge B.H.

- Work with USA Basketball and the NBA to evaluate pre-college players.

Federal prosecutors allege that an Adidas executive and others with ties to the company bribed players' families and college coaches to entice top prospects to commit to schools that Adidias sponsored. If a player wanted to turn pro directly out of high school, as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant did, good luck and Godspeed.

In the wake of news last fall that the FBI was investigating corruption in college basketball, NCAA President Mark Emmert spoke of "decisive action".

The commission did, however, say if the NBA and NBPA refuse to change their rules in time for the next basketball season, it would reconvene and consider other options for the NCAA, such as making freshmen ineligible or locking a scholarship for three or four years if the recipient leaves a program after a single year. In the meantime, as The State newspaper reports, Bowen will participate in the NBA Combine for potential draftees and await an NCAA decision on reinstating his eligibility. It is hard to see how her commission's findings, or the NCAA, will be able to fix the many issues plaguing the game without a lot of help volunteered from outside the NCAA from entities who have long and likely will continue to operate in their own best interests.

Agents: The proposal is to certify agents to make them available to players starting in high school through their college careers. It would overhaul the sanctions system and summer basketball, requiring shoe companies to assume far more "transparency and accountability". "Of particular importance to the Commission are the cases in which non-scholastic basketball event operators and coaches seek benefits from colleges and college coaches in exchange for influencing their players' college choices".

Allow players to enter the draft out of high school or after any college season, and to return to their school if they go undrafted. The concept is sensible, but as the federal probe into basketball recruiting shows, some agents and their representatives, shocking as this may be, aren't above payola. Many think the Commission botched the whole meaning of even creating the group. ESPN reports talks to alter the rule are already underway. So why create more rules and bureaucracy?

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But the prohibition of such is more outdated than Naismith's peach basket, and surely court-mandated change is coming, a reality Rice seems to grasp.

"I don't think it will hurt the program", said Wei Runsu, a United Kingdom student.

The commission also "punted" on the issue of allowing athletes to profit off their names, images and likenesses, Ridpath said.

But she says most of the panel belives the NCAA should take up the issue. The concept is logical - the apparel folks' wallets are usually open - but again, implementation won't be easy. He also likes the idea of independent investigators instead of the NCAA's in-house system but he's not sure what that would entail.

Rice said the current structure "breeds cynicism and contempt" and that no one the commission interviewed supports the status quo. They advocate a free market for all college sports, a consideration that wasn't in the commission's charge.

The NCAA Board of Governors is reported to be assessing their rules after unanimously voting Wednesday to accept the recommendations of a special panel that proposed drastic changes to college basketball.

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